“Back In Black”*

Today is Tuesday – the day of Mars, God of War. Since I have been battling myself for weeks now, I decided this to be the right day for fighting my way back to Blogland and “normal” life.

Although most people find it very hard to understand, for me, the simplest tasks are kind of hard to do at the moment. I think blogging is one of the not-so-simple things but I’ll try do it more often again.😉

I’ve been oddly cold lately, therefore I’m layering lots of clothes. This is one of my “sturdy goth” pullovers paired with a black turtleneck and gray armwarmers.

This is an “office duty outfit”. In this photo, I’m actually wearing two black longsleeved shirts, a cream cardigan and one of my favorite scarves. For some reason I need to have my neck protected in some way or I start getting incredibly cold and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

If you haven’t yet – go read Amy’s great post on Black Forest Mori Girls. I love that style!

*Btw., “Back In Black” is an album – and a song -by AC/DC (Mr. K.’s favorite band).


  1. I think your layered outfits are so nice, it looks warm and cosy. We have very cold weather here now, but not as much as it use to be in this time of year. I know it is hard to write descent post when feeling down. Some of my “pretend to be happy” posts sounds so constructed (I don’t tell lies but I don’t speak about how I feel). Your posts are honest even though you are sad, while I put up a shield. To be honest for once , it’s family issues that makes me sad and with respect of my kids I don’t wan’t to write about it.

    I loved that forest mori style as well. I felt so familiar with the description. As I wrote in the comment; I don’t visit clubs to enjoy, I walk in the forest.

    I really hope you’ll feeling better soon. Warm hugs /Therese

    1. Our weather is differen too. The past months have been much warmer than usual. It has started to get cold on Sunday but only -2°. Last year we had -13°.

  2. Welcome back!!! I missed your posts. So happy to see you again, and with such fun “sturdy” outfits. I love them both, but the second one especially has me asking myself, “hmmmm, do I have pieces I can recreate that look with?” 🙂 I desperately need a plain, long-sleeve black shirt. You can do so much with it!

    Sometimes when I am stressed or down, I find I don’t like the idea of blogging (working on my own posts or reading/commenting on others’), and it’s definitely hard to compose a good post or a sincere comment. But then when I do it, it makes me feel better. It’s like a big network of cool people who are TOTALLY outside the realm of whatever is bothering me. The perfect escape, or the perfect support system – it’s whatever you need it to be at the moment. I am like linnea-maria: I don’t blog about what is bothering me, but sometimes I really, really want to (WORK. ARGH. *HORRIBLE* SITUATION HAPPENING HERE.). Your honesty and openness give your blog a warm, human quality! Plus, since your readers are so totally outside your “real” life, they can give you new perspectives and impartial input. Whatever you feel like blogging about, whenever you feel like it, we’re here! 🙂

  3. I love your layered look. it has been warm here but the cold is coming soon. I bet i’ll be layering soon.
    Thanks for sharing the link for the Black Forest Mori Girls look. I love it as well!!

    Blessings, V.

  4. Your second look is similar (although much nicer) to looks I often wear. So “sturdy goth” must be a “thing,” right? Since there’s more than one of us?

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