Staring Into Space

I’m not absent – I just don’t write. I can’t yet. All I do is reading your blogs and playing games on Facebook. To me, that’s some kind of achievement: I’m actually doing something. Yay!

Are the “happy pills” working yet? Yes, in a small way. I’m not in a constant state of despair anymore. I even think about things I’d like to do as soon as I’m better. I just don’t have the energy to do much. I just function. It’s hardest at work because I have to pretend that all is well.

But I am here! I don’t comment very much, I know and I am sorry about it. I wish I had more energy. I try to do small things and that seems to work for now.

I’m still taking part in BatFit – I eat more vegetables than I did before. I didn’t manage the dancing, though. Instead, I listened to my favorite CDs. I hadn’t done that in a long time.

I hope all of you are well? Please forgive me my silence. I didn’t forget you!


  1. I am so happy to here you are doing a little better. Don’t worry about not commenting. I have been so busy that i am not on blogger as much as I used to be. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Blessings, V.

  2. You are making progress! Listening to music can be so therapeutic. Soft music can help you relax, upbeat music can raise your spirits, and even “sad” or “angry” music can help you realize that you aren’t alone in how you feel. Stay focused on goals and the things you love!

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