DIY: turning a rectangle into a shrug

Good morning! It’s really, really cold in Germany today. I’ve been outside for a short while only (taking Flo for a walk) and it was freezing.

In addition to my current “depressive episode” (sounds nicer, doesn’t it?^^), I’ve been down with the stomach flu since Saturday morning. I’m better today and so I thought I’d share a cool link: How To Turn A Rectangle Into A Shrug (via Lion Brand Notebook).

This post addresses knitters and crocheters but I’m pretty sure this can be done by using any fabric, too. One of my friends suggested using fleece for the cold days which seem to lie ahead of us here. Not for me, though – I’ll be leaving for Florida in two weeks, woohoo!😉


  1. I checked the site and was thinking if it is possible to make one of stretchy fabric and lace trimmings. The fleece suggestion is also great. It’s cold now. I so hope that you will be better soon. This time of year doesnt do much to lift the mood, I think. Warm hugs!

  2. I’ve made a couple of these with regular stretch fabric – one from black swim lining and one from black stretch lace. They are so simple and fun to make/wear! However, a crocheted one would be so amazing. I’ll have to see if I can get my sister to whip one up for me. 😉 Or maybe it’d be a good first project for when I learn (she would probably like that idea better – lol).

    Have a wonderful time in Florida! The warmth should do your spirits some good. I hope you’ll share loads of fun photos after your trip!

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