I’m trying to read all of the 846 articles which have gathered in my feed reader. Wow! You guys wrote a lot during my one-week-absence! I will read every single article. I always do – even if I don’t comment each one.

One of the first articles I read today was about Gothic & Cowboy style / “Gothtern” by —DeeSpookyOne—. Unfortunately, her blog seems to have gone by now. Does anybody know what happened to it? I am really interested in that Gothic & Cowboy style and would have loved to comment.

If any of you know about great sites and articles on this kind of style, please leave a comment. Thank you.🙂


  1. Hi! Welcome home and back. It’s soo good to hear that you are feeling lot better. It was propably what you needed most a lovely vacation away. I’ve never read that blog so I’m no help, but it do sounded interesting that combination. Could it be something like “southern gothic”

  2. Gothic cowboy? I would have loved to read that article. I’ve been wearing black pointy cowgirl boots with my goth outfits for the past 12 years. Can’t wait for the snow to be all gone from the streets so I can wear the newest pair I bought last fall (I won’t risk damaging 300$ boots with the salt and little rocks they put on the icy sidewalks, oh the joys of living in a nordic country !)

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