Work In Progress: Craft Room & Other Project Plans

Finally, I started re-arranging my craft room / office! I’m so happy I finally got going. I moved furniture, boxes of yarn, thousands of books, and other stuff (which I didn’t even know was there). I think having a clutter-free environment will also help declutter the soul. And I DO need to declutter my mind! There are way too many unpleasant thoughts in my head.

So, the first step is done: My office is almost free of the worst clutter and appears to be more spacious. The next step will be to get back to crocheting because that’s one of the activities which calms me down and means a pleasant time to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t crochet much during the last weeks and months. When I have depressive episodes, I’m not able to do much – if anything at all. Thanks to sertraline I feel much better. Not perfect, not healed, but I don’t hate myself anymore.

Back to crocheting: I love reading Stacey’s blog “Fresh Stitching”. Stacey announced Knit & Crochet Design Week recently and I’m playing with the thought of taking part in it. Well, I have never really designed anything (except for my stuffed animal Paul’s knitted sweater) but I would love to crochet a simple garment for myself. I really, really hope I’ll be able to pull through with this!

Finally, here’s a question – or several questions – for you:

  • Do any of you enjoy reading ebooks?
  • Do you have an eReder? Which one?
  • Would you be interested in me reviewing ebooks I’ve read in my blog?
  • Which genres are your favorites?

Thanks for answering.🙂


  1. I love my e-reader far more than I should. I have a kindle (2nd gen; not the Fire) and it is ALWAYS with me. I read a lot of horror material and satire. I read quite a lot, so I would not mind seeing you review books–I may get ideas on my next read!

  2. It’s great to have a craft room! I have to declutter mine in our basement as well. And it needs ceiling trimings and some paint on one wall.
    I never read e-books but I have an e-book reader (app) in my phone.

  3. I have a Kindle 2. I LOVE IT!!! I’d say it’s my very best friend, after Mr. Kitty and the cats. 😉 I tried using the Kindle app on the iPad before I had the actual Kindle, and I hated the glaring screen and the whole touch thing. I love the 2nd Gen Kindle – no shiny screen, no touchscreen; just a clean, beautiful reading experience. I love to read classics, which happen to be free from Amazon as an added bonus. 🙂 They often have some typos because they are converted to digital format by volunteers, but that doesn’t bother me because I know what it is *supposed* to say and I can overlook most of them.

    I would love to read your e-book reviews!

  4. @Purji & Kitty:
    I’ve downloaded some of Amazon’s classics, too (Dracula, Sleepy Hollow, Daddy Long-Legs, Tale Of Two Cities). It’s so amazing they offer them for free! I don’t mind the typos, either, or the strange formatting in some places. I just love the endless possibilities.
    I have tried reading on my tablet, too, but I have the same trouble as Kitty: I dislike that shiny screen for reading.

    I’ve read one and a half books on my smartphone during several lunch breaks. Depending on the font size it works in emergency situations (e.g. when stuck in traffic).🙂 Maybe you can get your hands on an inexpensive eReader for a start? The first one I got is the TrekStor (59 € via or / 80 US$ via

  5. I do not have an e-reader, but I’m an audiobook junkie. I always have one in my iPod for when I cook or clean, this is a lifesaver because I can’t stand being alone with my thoughts.

    Just a question, out of curiosity. In my German classes (two years, one class per semester, almost all forgotten), I learned that apartments in Germany were very small. But yours looks big enough to have a craft room. Hast du ein grosse Wohnung? Wie viele Zimmer?

    By the way, my blog is up, you’re already in my blogroll.

    1. Hi Deetzah,

      that is an interesting list. Thank you for pointing me to it. I will read “Jonathan Strange & Dr. Norell” some time this year.
      Which of these books have you read already?

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