Facts & Awards

I received a lovely blog award from my friend Mary of Le Professeur Gothique. Thank you, what a great way to start one’s Sunday – seeing that I was awarded.🙂 Thank you!

This award comes with “rules”: Nominate 15 bloggers for this award, list 7 random facts about yourself, and link back to the one who nominated you in the first place.

There are many great bloggers out there and the list of blogs I read daily is really looong. Therefore, I will try not to include those in my list who already received this award (although you all deserve to receive it more than once!). Check Mary’s, Natalie’s, and Meagan Kyla’s lists to see whom I would have included, too, if they hadn’t already been awarded.

Okay, now here are 15 more great bloggers (in no particular order) whose blogs you should check out:

  1. Amanda – Stitch Noir & A Dash Of Noir
  2. Vivienne – Out Of The Shadows
  3. Tante Fledermaus – News From The Cave
  4. Jean – Jean Of All Trades
  5. Sheila – Ephemera
  6. Jen – A Life In Flux
  7. Stacey – Fresh Stitches
  8. Lucy – Attic24
  9. Sophie – Walking The Line That The World Has Drawn
  10. Sabayon – Ruffles Not Diets
  11. Jenn – The Blog Starts Here
  12. Leah – Zombies Wearing Helmets
  13. La Coccinelle – The Ladybug Reads
  14. Purji – Stuff! Also Things!
  15. Sucrette – Le Monde De Sucrette

Special shout-out to Tommy – Life As A Zombie Named Tommy.

This list is pretty eclectic. It includes blogs of many different niches: crafts & diy, Goth/Alternative blogs, books, fashion… Maybe you find some you haven’t discovered yet and would like to add to your reading lists?

Finally, 7 random facts about me:

  1. I love white country-style furniture.
  2. I hate getting up in the morning. I look like a half-dead, sleep-walking zombie for at least half an our after getting up.
  3. I love post-apocalyptic, scifi, (urban) fantasy and paranormal romance novels.
  4. I’m an aggressive driver.
  5. Flo (the dog) sleeps in my bed. Yes, most people find that gross / nasty. I did, too. I changed my mind.
  6. I’ve been kicked by a horse once. It hurt like hell.
  7. My appendix was taken out on a Friday the 13th (Friday, October 13th, 1989).


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely award…It is the first time I see it🙂 and congrats for yours too…
    Thank you also for letting me discover your beautiful blog…will come back for sure…😉

  2. Thanks for the award…. I think I got you back onto the “people I follow” list… the Cave is still really screwed up.

  3. Thank you for the award! That will generate a bit of traffic on my new blog.

    My husband and I sleep with our little dog too. My mother-in-law finds it gross, and my mom says it gives cancer (because a friend of hers had 3 big dogs who slept in her bed, and she died of cancer). Yes, the dog’s little paws have walked outside on dirty city sidewalks. I wipe him with a baby wipe if it was rainy/muddy. The human immune system is stronger than we seem to think nowadays. I’ve seen some mother take out a small hand sanitizer bottle out of their purse after their kids have petted my dog!

  4. He you!!!!
    Thanks so much for the award AND for coming out of the closet as a blog reader!
    I had no idea you knew I had a blog and I didn’t know YOU had one!
    I’ve just always seen you on twitter!
    So, I am now a follower but I won’t be as quiet as you😉
    Thanks again for everything and for buying Mel’s book!

  5. You are all very welcome!🙂
    I enjoy reading your blogs and following you via Twitter (those who are on Twitter).
    I’m always having a good time reading your posts (and tweets).

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