Dark @ Work & Dark in College

Recently, there was a big end-of-winter-sale in my favorite store. This blouse (Tom Taylor) was 50% off so I didn’t resist very long and bought it. It’s perfect for work and it doesn’t need ironing. Yay!

Flo likes the outfit, too. She loves to be in photos. The skirt is made from black corduroy.

And finally…

… an old picture taken in 2003 – when I was still in college. I found it the day I was re-organizing my office. I still had long hair then and always wore it in a ponytail. It never looked very good. Still, I miss having long hair.


  1. I miss my long hair too. Last summer, I wanted to dye it back to my natural brown, but I had red henna in it, so it had a chemical reaction and became black. I had black hair for a whole decade and wasn’t ready to do all that maintenance all over again, so I had it cut short to remove most of the black. Right now the back of my head is brown, but my bangs are black. Can’t wait for my hair to grow back!

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