Dark @ Work: New Dress

As you know, I’m always trying to find dark, work-appropriate outfits. For me, black and gray pieces in combination with a colorful highlight like the purple scarf work pretty well. This dress works perfect at work – it’s chic, black, and still keeps me warm in the sometimes still chilly spring-weather. I even received compliments from a co-worker for some of my corpgoth outfits. Wow!

In these photographs, I’m wearing a gray long-sleeved dress underneath for extra warmth. You’ve seen these boots a lot in my blog. I love them for work. I wear them with skirts, dresses, skinny jeans.


  1. Ugh, I want tall black boots. I have yet to find a pair that fits well and isn’t hideously expensive. I like this outfit, it looks comfortable and tidy.

  2. You look fantastic! I think you have evolved a lot in your journey to re-Goth your wardrobe. 🙂 And it looks like your co-workers are getting used to it and even liking it. Excellent!!

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