I’m here!

I’m still here. I’ve been so busy being depressive and having two jobs. Two jobs? Yes, I got an interesting offer I couldn’t refuse: do paperwork at the local women’s fitness club (this one).

Aaaaand… do I want to get a trainer’s license, they ask. Hell, yes! That’s the perfect BatFit challenge, isn’t it? Okay, I will do this in my free time, on weekends, but doesn’t that sound cool?


  1. Glad to hear from you! Your 2nd job sounds fun. My psychologist told me that working out is as effective as happy pills to fight depression because it makes serotonin in the brain, just like the pills do.

    I think moonlighting (having a 2nd job) is fine as long as the part-time job is something fun. Among my co-workers, there’s a ballet teacher, a goat farm owner, and an Avon lady. It is very different from situations where someone has 2 jobs because one isn’t enough to pay the bills, or because one of your jobs is only temporary. I held on to my old retail job on week-ends during my first contract at the government. Didn’t last too long.

    By the way, I have Twitter now.

  2. Cool! I have been going through a lot of career turmoil lately that had me questioning everything… And one of the things that appealed to me when I was considering a career change was personal training! I think that would be SO rewarding. It’s good for you physically, plus you’d be helping others. And exercise is definitely a mood-enhancer! 🙂 Keep us posted on how it goes!

  3. Bahahaha, WAIT!?!?! All Germans don’t love the Hoff??
    I think I just died a little inside.
    It’s okay, though.
    Glad to see you’re alive and doing cool stuff!

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