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I haven’t had much time during the last days as my new job has kept me very busy (and I loved every second of it!) but I tried to read all your lovely blog posts on my phone. Today, I thought I’d share some posts I like a lot – in random order. Have fun!🙂

There were more great articles, of course, but unfortunately I didn’t tag all of them.😦

BatFit Update:

I took the first lessons in preparation of being a trainer in a woman’s fitness and health club. I had to do several presentations about health, fitness, biology and nutrition, and I had to teach a class under the instructor’s guidance. It was so much fun! There are more lessons to take and tests to pass but I’m really happy to be doing this. Also, I’m really glad that I’ve been into fitness and sports for years and that I took serious biology classes a looong time ago – that makes the whole thing so much easier to handle.

One comment

  1. Thanks for the links. I checked up the steampunk post a little and it was well written and wrote about interesting links were you can find cool clothes for bigger girls. I havent loose a single pound in this bat fit so I need those links😉. Good to hear from you.

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