Prized Possessions & A Playlist

For this month’s homework assignment I’d like to introduce you to Paul:

Paul (better known as the Pink Panther) joined me in the adventure called “Life” in 1985 when I was 4 years old. Paul is British, he’s originally from Harrod’s, London. He’s a pretty stylish panther and loves wearing hand-knits (sweater and socks by me).

Paul has kept me company in everything I’ve done so far: He was baby Jesus in my kindergarden’s play for Christmas, he went with me to Spain, Austria, Denmark, England and the United States, he supported me in my oral finals in high school, he was by my side when I wrote my exams in college, he’s sitting behind me right now.

Whatever I have done in my life – Paul has always been by my side. The one time I had to evacuate a building in the middle of the night (fire alarm) the only two things I grabbed to carry to safety were Paul – and my passport (so I could be identified if something happened to me… just in case…).

*   *   *

Mr. K. is still in Spain and will return tomorrow. Flo and I are enjoying ourselves, taking long walks, playing soccer in the living room, going out with friends. Right now, Flo’s in bed and I’m doing the laundry and ironing Mr. K.’s shirts. I hate ironing but it isn’t that bad when listening to music, don’t you think?

Today’s Playlist:

Do you know any of these bands? How d’you like them?


  1. So strange and cute to see s dressed pink panther. He is adorable!

    I can’t iron, my feminist mother left this out from my education on purpose.😀

  2. I love that he was in your kindergarten’s nativity play.
    And in the US we generally get 10 vacation days a year (so 2 weeks) plus whatever holidays your employer chooses to give you off. So… that’s 1/3 the vacation you guys get in Germany.

      1. we have to work 40 hours a week, not including lunch. So generally full-time workers go in at 8 and leave at 5. At least that’s been the case everywhere I’ve seen. Sometimes government jobs let you come in as early as 6 am and leave at 3, but either way, if you’re full time, it’s 40 hours.

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