BatFit 2012: Goals

Good morning afternoon!

I’ve been a lazy blogger lately although I’ve already gathered a huge collection of photos and ideas I want to share with y’all.😦

Well, I’ve been busy “moonlighting”. I love my second job! It makes taking part in BatFit so much easier, e.g. during the past couple of weeks, some new personal BatFit goals came up plus cool ways to achieve these goals. Here are some new and old goals:

  • get trainer’s license for rehabilitation sports (halfway done, woohoo!)
  • get a new bike and leave the car at home as often as possible (done!!!)
  • lose 3-5 kg… (not done…)
  • get rid of depression (not done – yet!)
  • eat healthier (so-so)
  • exercise more (done – thanks to my new bike & doubling the time spent outside with Lady Cairn Terrier)

I’ve been a follower of Sheryl’s and Julie’s blogs for a long time now and I’ve always admired how both of them make biking seem to be so much fun. I wanted to take part in that kind of fun, too!

Although I won’t bike to work (35 – 90 km / 22 – 56 miles depending on where I’m auditing) I always wanted a bike for smaller distances. Why take the car and waste gas? So a couple of days ago I got a new bike: this beautiful Prophete Trekking Bike for Ladies (see also here). Oh, how I love it! “Comfort & Joy!” 😉

Honestly, if you don’t have a bike yet – go and get one. It’s such an easy way to get into motion and help your body get into shape. Even very small distances will be profitable to your general health and fitness. And it’s always your own choice how far and how long you want to pedal. You can rest whenever you want/need to.

Do you have a bike? Do you use it often? What for?

*     *     *

P.S.: Want to share this story with you – Soldier trades cigarettes for maimed, hungry dog. What are your thoughts on this?


  1. I love my bike. I wish I could ride it to work more often.. alas, I have been shuttling large objects to and fro.

  2. I used to bike everywhere but these days I rely on walking. It’s suicide to bike in NYC, at least in my humble opinion, so I stuck to biking around Staten Island and to the beach. I don’t do much anymore. The traffic has gotten so bad here … and I’m not as brave as I used to be.😉 Good luck and good for you!!! Hugs from NYC!

    1. Oh, I can imagine how much traffic you’ve got in NYC!
      Julie and Sheryl (links above) are from NYC, too, and they’re mentioning Staten Island as a possibility, too.

  3. Dear Sal. What a great way to achieve your goals! Biking is fantastic, you travel fast enough and can sense the smell of flowers in the breeze🙂. I always been biking but unfortunately I have to take the car to work because I’m driving the kids to school. I try to take the bike to work the days they are at their father’s place, it’s only a 15 minutes ride. We are lucky were I live because the community have fixed bike and waldking paths so you dont have to be worried about the traffic.

    1. I think Europeans have a big advantage concerning bikes in general. Most European countries are very biker friendly as far as I know (thinking of the Netherlands & Germany in particular). If you ever travel to Münster, Germany: I think they have more bikes than cars there!🙂

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