Red & Black Week: Monday’s Outfit

Okay, Monday’s outfit photos were really crappy, but (as always) I didn’t have much time to take proper pictures. To make up for this, I found two better photos of what I wore to work on Monday:

Red & Black Outfit

This is the red fake-leather jacket I wore on my way to the office. Too much black might have scared my co-workers.😉

This is the jacket I wanted to wear at first. It’s made from heavy wool and keeps pretty warm on colder days. I really liked how the outfit looked with this jacket but unfortunately it was way to gothy for my job.😦

Have you ever decided to change your outfit at the last second because you weren’t sure it was work-appropriate?


  1. Have you got comments for looking too much black dressed? I’m lucky I never received comments, but I have indeed received eyes😛. It will be interesting to hear comments about my side shave on friday when we have a party at our job and everyone will be drunk. I think it was a fabulous combination to use a long necklace and a scarf, it looks so nice. I never seen it before and haven’t tried it, but I definitely will after this.

    1. How did the party go? Did they comment much?

      Yes, I often receive comments concerning my outfits so I try to dress pretty average whenever I’m around my co-workers and bosses.

  2. What perfect timing for your question! I did that this morning. I was all dressed in an outfit I frequently wore to my old job, when I suddenly became self-conscious about my dress being too… form-fitting… around the chest area. lol! I ended up changing from a tight shrug to a loose cardi because I didn’t have time to re-work the whole outfit.

    I actually like the red jacket a bit better for this look! It has more impact, in a very good way. Of course, I always like black-on-black, so I love both looks!

    Today, a younger woman at my new job commented to me, “I used to wear almost all black, too, and the I realized you NEED to have color.” I could barely resist rolling my eyes at her. It was funny to hear someone half my age implying that I would eventually “grow out of it.” You just can’t get your co-workers to understand you sometimes, and sadly we have to work around it the best we can!

  3. Hm, I think you are right. The longer I look at the photo I, too, think the faux-leather jacket looks better.

    Haha, cute comment!😉

    Although her comment should have been something like:
    “I used to wear almost all black, too, and the I realized you NEED to have color so people stop bothering you all day long.” Hehe.😛

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