The Prophetess

Here she is: my beautiful Prophetess. I finally managed to take some photographs of my new bike to share with y’all.

Isn’t she lovely? I named her The Prophetess for obvious reasons… The manufacturer is “Prophete”, a German company (They don’t pay me for writing this article. I just love my bike and want to share who made it.).

Today, the Prophetess and I went to the women’s health & fitness club. I feel incredibly good about pedaling to the gym.🙂 I worked out and then we rode back home. She even carried my backpack for me. I don’t like front-baskets so my little black basket sits in the back and holds my stuff while I ride.

I am really happy about me finally doing something for my health, fitness and general well-being. BatFit really works for me!


      1. Studied it in high school and college. It’s a sensible language. The words have weight and substance. I can make the noises. Plus, to my ear, the words are somewhat funny. Spanish isn’t funny. French isn’t funny. >Swedish is funny< I like the sound of German. I like Germany. I like Germans, generally. It's all just very comfortable.

        I am Tante because my nephews would otherwise have an Auntie Al (my sister-in-law's sister-in-law) and an Auntie Lel (me). That's a little hard for a tiny kid to keep straight, so I just decided that I'd be Tante, for the sake of clarity.

        She's a Dutch bike, and she's a weird soft greenish-grey-white. She was "Ghost" for a while, since the Dutch word for "ghost" is not pleasant to listen to. There's a character on "Monster High" called Spectra, and she's roughly the same color as my bike. I figured it made sense.

        1. Monster High is “a thing” in Germany, too. Even grown-ups seem to collect these dolls.

          How cool you studied German. I never thought of German as a language of interest to anybody because (even to me) it sounds so hard and rough.

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