Hellooo! Hello? Are you still there? Thank goodness. I have neglected this blog for so long that I am really ashamed. Will y’all forgive me?

I have been spending some time with therapy sessions and creative writing during the last couple of weeks. Then, one day, I decided to check my weight… 58.8 kg!!! How awful is that? I am quite small and the weight I am most comfortable with is around 53 kg. Gah, that is so bad.

I have started to write down my daily calories intake on Monday. I really do not each much (meaning I do not eat large amounts) but oh! What crap am I eating!?

The internet tells me that a person my age and height should have a daily calories intake of about 1,900 cal. To lose weight you need to stay below 1,900 calories and/or burn those calories which are 1,900+. But who could have imagined how hard that is? I cannot even have one coke a day without feeling really bad. I just had my lunch break and have already “used up” today’s calories.

I tracked down the amount of calories I burned taking the dog for a walk last night… Approx. 25 calories burned every 10 minutes. That’s not much.

I think I will ride my bike today. And maybe feel a little better about myself.


  1. yeh ive not messed with mine either, had some mental trouble also, all my meds changed, i tried the bike thing but here in texas its way to hot good luck the writing down thing realy help me when im dieting

  2. *gives Sal the fuzzy eyeball* DO NOT OBSESS over calories! Instead of writing down how many calories you are consuming, write down everything you eat. EVERYTHING. And do it for a week. At the end of the week you might notice a trend that can be easily fixed — like a random cookie, or portion sizes when you aren’t happy, etc. Calories are not all made the same. 100 calories for a cup of whole grains and vegetables is NOT the same as a 100 calories cookie. The body LIKES the grains and vegetables. Once you assess what you are putting in your body you can make any necessary tweaks.

    Be good to yourself dear friend!

  3. I tried really hard and loosed some weight before the summer vacation but now I feel more fat than ever. I beleive that strict routines will be the cure for me. Maybe insert an exercise routine? Take care of yourself.

    1. I installed an app called “Noom” on my smartphone. The app helps you keep track of what you eat and what workouts you do (even driving your car is considered a workout – which is so great!^^). The app gives you daily tasks too. Maybe that’s something for you, too?

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