Good news! My insurance will cover ALL therapy sessions. Usually, they only cover 5 sessions and then you have to turn in a statement by the psychologist which states why you need therapy and how many sessions. In my case, they agreed to cover forty sessions (usually it’s 25). I am so relieved.

On August 1st, I was ranting about my weight. Since then I’ve downloaded an app which helps you log your workouts and what you eat. I’ve lost half a kilo (~ 1 lb). I feel happy about this. I hope to keep this rate up until September 30th. Then, I just want to hold whatever weight I will have reached. Anything below 56 kg / 124 lb will be okay (I’m 1,63 m/ 5,35 ft).

Is anybody else watching the Olympics? How’s your country doing? The German swimmers have been criticized a lot. They do not seem to be in good form. I enjoyed watching rowing, fencing and gymnastics, though.

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  1. thats excellent about insujrance, and yess we have 53 toatal michael felphs was won several hes bloomin awesom china i the has 52 hol;p you feel better

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