Don’t know what BatFit is? Go here and read what it’s all about! There’s a Facebook group, too. Join us!

Here’s how I am doing so far (it’s a comment I left in The Professor’s blog, The Dancing Maenad):

[…] My first goal was and still is to get rid of depression. A healthy body needs a healthy mind, I think. I’m not there yet but I’ve started going to therapy once more.

My second goal is to lose 3 kg.
I have failed there so far.

Third goal: Get fit(er).
Improvement here!🙂 I walk 2-5 km daily, ride my bicycle, always take the stairs and not the elevator.

Fourth goal: Drink more water.
Success!!! I don’t drink coke anymore, only on special occasions. I try to stick to tea & water (both still & sparkling).

Fifth goal: eat healthier.
Improvement. I eat more salad and other vegetables. Still way to go, though.

I found an app which helps me keep track of what kind of stuff I eat, how much water I drink, how often I worked out (it’s called “Noom Weight Loss Coach”).

Personally, I consider BatFit a success.


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