Still Here

Hello everybody,

I know, I have been very quiet here. I didn’t feel like writing about fashion and lifestyle because I was trying to get better, healthier, and fitter. Well, I don’t feel fitter or healthier, but at least I’ve dropped some weight.

Last weekend, I started playing WoW. I never wanted to play before but since I was a gamer once (ans loved it) I thought, what the heck, let’s finally try it!😉

I haven’t been playing daily (which is good; I’m not addicted yet^^) but I’ve really enjoyed checking Azeroth out. Is anybody else playing?

Hope you’re all well? What have you been up to?


  1. I’m a bit afraid to start gaming😉 But I would love to try Skyrim and Alice, the madness returns.
    I feel healthier but the same weight (damn). I do hope that you feel a lot better. Take care of yourself. I beleive it’s nice to “dissapear” and forget about your own problems when you play. Hugs

    1. I used to play the first Alice and I loved it.
      Haven’t tried Skyrim, but I completed Morrowind (took me over a year when I was still at college) and played parts of Oblivion.
      Gaming can be addictive, that’s why I always limit my time playing.
      I don’t play daily, either.
      After years of not having gamed, it’s fun to be doing it again every once in a while.

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