Oddly familiar…



    1. I play both Ally & Horde on Arygos (German server) and Horde on Ambossar (German as well).
      Are you playing? On which server? I’ll need to check out it I can access US-Servers on my account.
      Pictured is Hèl, my Draenai paladin.

      1. I play Horde on Lothar and Alliance on Feathermoon! I have a bunch of toons on both.

        AH! Dranai! I should have known.

        Do you do the realid thing?

        1. There’s a German server called Lothar, too, but that’s probably not yours, is it? I can’t find Feathermoon, neither on the English servers nor on the German ones.

          No, I don’t use RealID.

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