A Summerless Country

Germany has never been a country offering warm and sunny days to tourists. Our beaches are known for a chilly wind and the cold sea water.

But usually there is at least a small amount of time that feels like spring and summer every year.

Not so in 2013.

It is cold and rainy and I have turned the heating back on.
I am wearing a turtleneck sweater and a corduroy blazer to keep from freezing.

Weekends are spent inside, watching movies and soccer matches or leveling my alts in Atzeroth.

Were has summer gone? Can’t it at least be a little sunny on some days?

I am so sick of this depressing weather.


        1. Yes, we’re okay. They have some flooding in my hometown, but not here.
          There’re many volunteers now who fight the floods but many homes have been destroyed.
          Mr. K. has to travel to Berlin next week and it seems as if the trains can’t take the route there. He will have to wait and see if he can go by train or if he has to take the car.
          Berlin is approx. 5 hrs away from us.

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