Steampunk Fashion: How To Add “Steam” To Your Wardrobe

“How To Add Steam To Your Wardrobe”  seems to be the most-read article on my blog. For those of you who are still interested in it – here it is once more.

Still Dark @ Heart

Steampunk is getting more and more popular by the day. I like this genre a lot, too, and I spend hours staring at all those great Steampunk Outfits one finds when browsing the internet. When I was younger I would have gone hunting for my own Steampunk Outfit. I would have loved it, worn it to festivals and conventions and I would have felt awesome in it.

But alas! I’m not 20 anymore. Nowadays, mine is the average life of the working population. And I have to dress accordingly. But there’s still a tiny spark deep inside that wants to dress differently…

Has this happened to you, too? Did you turn into quite an average person – like me –  but would love to add a little “steam” to your wardrobe… Then dare doing the unthinkable! Dare having a closer look into your closet…😉

Steampunk Fashion – It’s All…

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    1. Really? I had thought that Steampunk would be very popular in Sweden.
      Although I have to admit that I’m not particularly sure about the weight Steampunk carries in Germany. The US is probably ahead of us Europeans concerning Steampunk?

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