Corpgoth – Or: “Are you attending a funeral today?”

I just realized that I’ve been posting several outfit photos on my Instagram account these last couple of days. So I think I should be posting them here as well.

The last article I wrote last year in November… I’m so sorry that I didn’t invest more time in this blog.

Let’s start blogging again, shall we?


 I wore this dress yesterday. at work, some people really liked it while others asked me if I’d attend a funeral later that day.


Yep, the shoulders are precisely covered – as if I had measured it. My new boss seems to be okay with showing more shoulder than this, though. I’m glad her views are more modern.

So, how have you all been doing lately? I stayed in touch with most of you on Facebook and Instagram but maybe some of you still keep my blog in their feeds? If you do, thank you so very much.


  1. Absolutely still having you in my feed🙂. I love that dress on you. What a rude comment to say about the funeral. A little black dress is always perfect for any occasion.

    1. So happy you’re still with my blog!🙂

      Comments like these are absolutely stupid. Always.
      Especially on days you really do have to attend a funeral after work.

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