Wearing Black / Dark Clothes In Summer

I don’t know if it still exists, but years ago there was a website making fun of goths in summer. Personally, I usually don’t suffer in the heat even when wearing black.


What do you wear in summer? Do you feel it’s hard to dress gothy when it’s really hot?

I do like wearing dresses but when it’s very, very, very hot I always find shorts and tank tops comfortable, too.


I don’t always wear dark clothes, though. On some days I wear colorful outfits, too. I like finding themes and then dress accordingly.



  1. I wear black all summer; I have one grey summer skirt, a grey blouse, one ruby blouse and one plum-purple blouse, and they are my only not-black things I wear in summer! I find it more comfortable to wear floaty breathable things that aren’t too heavy, but still cover me with enough opacity to protect my very pale skin that burns VERY easily. I’m the woman that will be in floor-length, wrist length, high-necked black with lace gloves in the middle of summer, but as long as it’s stuff that’s light and airy enough, I don’t get too warm. I will often be seen with a parasol if it gets particularly bright out, too! I recently got a chiffon-esque floor-length skirt from TopShop (yep, mainstream) and it’s become my new summer favourite! The only trick is trying to match tops to it, as it’s a lot more modern than most of my wardrobe!

    1. I’ve seen outfits like the ones you describe and I love them! Personally, I don’t feel elegant enough to wear something like this, I guess I’ll always be some kind of “sturdy goth”.
      Would you be okay if I shared your comment in one of my next posts? You offer so much inspiration and ideas, I think it will be helpful & inspiring for others.


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