The Prophetess

Here she is: my beautiful Prophetess. I finally managed to take some photographs of my new bike to share with y’all.

Isn’t she lovely? I named her The Prophetess for obvious reasons… The manufacturer is “Prophete”, a German company (They don’t pay me for writing this article. I just love my bike and want to share who made it.).

Today, the Prophetess and I went to the women’s health & fitness club. I feel incredibly good about pedaling to the gym.🙂 I worked out and then we rode back home. She even carried my backpack for me. I don’t like front-baskets so my little black basket sits in the back and holds my stuff while I ride.

I am really happy about me finally doing something for my health, fitness and general well-being. BatFit really works for me!

Tweed Rides & Tweed Runs

Here’s some fantastic Monday inspiration for you! I can’t resist any longer, I just HAVE to share these cool links (I’ve been looking at the photos for days):

Nooooooo! I missed the Tweed Run in Oldenburg, Germany!😦

Wouldn’t it be fun to take part in a Tweed Ride? Wouldn’t it be fun to take part in an ALTERNATIVE RIDE???

Wouldn’t it be just amazing to see black-clad people pedaling through a quiet landscape at night…? Ahh, the possibilities!

Have a great Monday (and get on your bike!)!!!

BatFit 2012: Goals

Good morning afternoon!

I’ve been a lazy blogger lately although I’ve already gathered a huge collection of photos and ideas I want to share with y’all.😦

Well, I’ve been busy “moonlighting”. I love my second job! It makes taking part in BatFit so much easier, e.g. during the past couple of weeks, some new personal BatFit goals came up plus cool ways to achieve these goals. Here are some new and old goals:

  • get trainer’s license for rehabilitation sports (halfway done, woohoo!)
  • get a new bike and leave the car at home as often as possible (done!!!)
  • lose 3-5 kg… (not done…)
  • get rid of depression (not done – yet!)
  • eat healthier (so-so)
  • exercise more (done – thanks to my new bike & doubling the time spent outside with Lady Cairn Terrier)

I’ve been a follower of Sheryl’s and Julie’s blogs for a long time now and I’ve always admired how both of them make biking seem to be so much fun. I wanted to take part in that kind of fun, too!

Although I won’t bike to work (35 – 90 km / 22 – 56 miles depending on where I’m auditing) I always wanted a bike for smaller distances. Why take the car and waste gas? So a couple of days ago I got a new bike: this beautiful Prophete Trekking Bike for Ladies (see also here). Oh, how I love it! “Comfort & Joy!” 😉

Honestly, if you don’t have a bike yet – go and get one. It’s such an easy way to get into motion and help your body get into shape. Even very small distances will be profitable to your general health and fitness. And it’s always your own choice how far and how long you want to pedal. You can rest whenever you want/need to.

Do you have a bike? Do you use it often? What for?

*     *     *

P.S.: Want to share this story with you – Soldier trades cigarettes for maimed, hungry dog. What are your thoughts on this?