Red & Black Week: Monday’s Outfit

Okay, Monday’s outfit photos were really crappy, but (as always) I didn’t have much time to take proper pictures. To make up for this, I found two better photos of what I wore to work on Monday:

Red & Black Outfit

This is the red fake-leather jacket I wore on my way to the office. Too much black might have scared my co-workers.😉

This is the jacket I wanted to wear at first. It’s made from heavy wool and keeps pretty warm on colder days. I really liked how the outfit looked with this jacket but unfortunately it was way to gothy for my job.😦

Have you ever decided to change your outfit at the last second because you weren’t sure it was work-appropriate?

Dark @ Work & Dark in College

Recently, there was a big end-of-winter-sale in my favorite store. This blouse (Tom Taylor) was 50% off so I didn’t resist very long and bought it. It’s perfect for work and it doesn’t need ironing. Yay!

Flo likes the outfit, too. She loves to be in photos. The skirt is made from black corduroy.

And finally…

… an old picture taken in 2003 – when I was still in college. I found it the day I was re-organizing my office. I still had long hair then and always wore it in a ponytail. It never looked very good. Still, I miss having long hair.

“Back In Black”*

Today is Tuesday – the day of Mars, God of War. Since I have been battling myself for weeks now, I decided this to be the right day for fighting my way back to Blogland and “normal” life.

Although most people find it very hard to understand, for me, the simplest tasks are kind of hard to do at the moment. I think blogging is one of the not-so-simple things but I’ll try do it more often again.😉

I’ve been oddly cold lately, therefore I’m layering lots of clothes. This is one of my “sturdy goth” pullovers paired with a black turtleneck and gray armwarmers.

This is an “office duty outfit”. In this photo, I’m actually wearing two black longsleeved shirts, a cream cardigan and one of my favorite scarves. For some reason I need to have my neck protected in some way or I start getting incredibly cold and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

If you haven’t yet – go read Amy’s great post on Black Forest Mori Girls. I love that style!

*Btw., “Back In Black” is an album – and a song -by AC/DC (Mr. K.’s favorite band).

Dinner Date With Mr. K. & Thinking About American Food

Weeks ago, I found this little black dress on sale (8 €/ 11.50 US$). I finally wore it for dinner at a Chinese restaurant we love yesterday. There’s only one thing I don’t like about the outfit: the shoes! The heels need to be higher. Still, I felt great wearing that dress and cardigan. That’s definitely an outfit I might wear for work.

I’ll have to go shopping for shoes next month. I really want higher heels!

What’s more important, though, is a question to readers from the U.S.: What are typical American foods for a birthday party? Any recipes? I really need a change – I’m so tired of the standard German buffet. A cook-out would be great but German weather  is usually tricky in August so I’ll have to stick with a buffet. The party will accommodate 20-25 people. Would love to hear your suggestions.

I tried to call the guy from the bank once more… He was “not available”. I officially complained about him this time and I’ll do so again – even in written form – if he doesn’t call back now.

Last but not least, check out Creative Kristi’s blog. She’s got a great article by guest blogger Denise (Denise In Bloom) about her Top 10 Blog Design Tips. This article made me add a “Contact” page to my blog (hope it helps).

Red & Black Week: Monster In My Pocket… er… Bag

I had wanted to be part of Red & Black Week FROM THE VERY BEGINNING so badly – but what happened? I caught the flu and spent most of the past days in bed. And didn’t wear anything red (or does a red and swollen nose count?).😦

However, somebody else wanted to take part in Red & Black Week instead: Kaetzi! The pic was taken during one of our visits at my parents’ house. What you see is my black and red tennis bag, Mr. K.’s gray shirt, my red and black notebook, and… a cat!

So, while I’m still coughing and don’t feel like taking pictures of myself at all let’s talk about my personal story concerning Red & Black…:

It all started in 1992 with me having a crush on the one and only Ru-fi-ooo!🙂 For my 11-year-old self he was the coolest person EVER! A rebel, a fighter, strong, independent… and he never grew up *sigh*. I made my Mom buy me a pair of black jeans and a red sweater. I asked my Grandma if I could have a certain wooden bracelet I had seen in a store and which I considered to be quite Rufio-like. I think I still have it but I can’t find it right now. I even wrote stories about the brave Rufio.

From then on, I liked wearing black and red. Yes, because of him. In later years, I still liked that color combination but Rufio wasn’t the main reason for it anymore.😉 Still, I remember him sometimes and on some days I even dress a little in that “reminds-me-of-Rufio”-way.

And don’t you think the the Rufio-make up in the last fight scene is quite gothic?

While I’m at it: In 1993 my Mom FINALLY allowed me to watch THE LOST BOYS. The best Vampire movie ever. And yes, of course I couldn’t ignore David, could I? I think that was when a love for all things dark started growing inside my young (and not yet gothy) self…^^

Who was your childhood crush? Did he/she influence what you wore/wear in any way? Was he/she the reason why you turned to dressing dark(er)?

Challenge: Red & Black Week

Let’s join VictorianKitty of Sophistique Noir for Red & Black Week (June 5-10, 2011)! This sounds like fun to me – and like one more reason to go shopping (I have a certain scarf in mind I’d like to own…^^).

Click HERE to learn more about Red & Black Week and how to join!

Did you have a good week so far? Mine was very busy and will continue to do so. I had hoped there’d be more time to read or even do some crafting but certain events prevented that from happening. :(  And busy months still lie ahead. *sigh*

ReGoth Your Wardrobe: Work With What You Got!

One day I realized I was just looking like anybody else. My outfits were ordinary and I felt ordinary. What had happened?

I used to be a goth person during high school and college. But when entering work-life I changed my whole attire to suit my job. Why? I didn’t know how dress-codes and goth wear could go along. So I changed most of my wardrobe.

Today, I very well know I don’t have to abtain from wearing black or “dark” clothes. But I have to accomodate my style to the current situation. What I mean is: A 35-year-old Goth dressing like a teenaged Goth may look ridiculous – or worse. Somebody working in child-care or with  sick and elderly persons  may appear depressing and even threatening when dressed all-black, wearing combat boots and tons of dark make-up around the eyes.

So, I try to be reasonable. I’m grown-up, there’re rules which apply to me and the days of premature defiance are counted. But I’m still me and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be a “dark” person anymore.

That’s why I’ve started to “ReGoth” my wardrobe.

Today, I rummaged through my closet once more and tried to find some basic pieces to work with. I suggest you do the same if you too decided to regoth your style. It’s annoying at first but it’ll be be fun eventually – because you’ll start thinking “not as bad as I thought”.😉

It was easy enough to find essential basics in my wardrobe: the classic black t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. In my opinion, a pair of dark blue jeans or gray pants work as well for a start. A pair of black shoes would be great (and necessary), too!

A black shirt and dark pants are great to work with. It’s easy to add accessories like a necklace, a scarf or  a watch. As mentioned above, find a nice pair of black or dark gray shoes. Most people own at least one pair. If you don’t have black shoes yet I suggest you look for a pair suitable for work, too.

Same basic outfit here but this time I added a scarf (because I love scarves and wear them almost daily^^). Makes the shirt look different, don’t you think? A little, at least.😉

For “real” variety, try wearing a cardigan with your black shirt. I think most people own at least one cardigan-like top. Go find it! You don’t have to stick with black here. A darker outfit is still allowed to have some colors in it. I like adding purple, gray and even pink. Adding something white (shirt, scarf, blouse…) to a dark outfit usually works, too.

Rummaging through my clothes I discovered I still have quite a lot things in darker colors: black, purple, wine-red, gray. What about you? Which colors dominate your wardrobe?

Here’s an example of a basic non-black shirt. The scarf is one of my favorites. Any ideas how to best combine this shirt with something else?

This black top has buttons and little pockets in the front. It can be worn by itself…

… or layerd. I like it best in combination with the purple shirt from above. A white shirt underneath might look good, too. I just didn’t think of it earlier or I’d have taken a photo.😉

This is the hidden treasure I found deep within my closet. This top would look good with a skirt, too, I think. Maybe there’s something just like this in your closet, too? A beautiful shirt long-forgotten?

Most clothes pictured above were already in my closet when I decided to ReGoth My Wardrobe – I had just forgotten about them. So if you feel the urge within yourself to start dressing darker again try to work with what you got first. Share your finds with us if you like (you can grab the button from the top of this post if you want). I’d love to see with what you come up!

Once you know what basics you have you can start adding to your wardrobe.

Last but not least, there’s one more scarf to show you today!🙂 For more “Scarf Love” check out Ephemera’s Revenge of Dress Week.

ReGoth Your Wardrobe – An Introduction

Glimpse Of The Past: Pink Is The New Black

It’s Monday and I really hate Mondays. I tend to sulk on Mondays, to be ill-tempered and to be a pain in the neck. There’s only one remedy: old pictures! So, let’s not be too serious today.😉

Es ist Montag und ich hasse Montage. Montags neige ich dazu, eine Flappe zu ziehen, schlechtgelaunt zu sein und tierisch zu nerven. Es gibt dagegen nur ein Heilmittel: Alte Fotos! Also, lasst uns heute nicht zuuu ernst sein.😉

This person is my humble self in 2004 (I think). When I read this post at VictorianKitty’s awesome blog I just had the urge to present this photograph – thus offering another glimpse of the past.😉 The picture was taken on the great M’era Luna Festival in Hildesheim, Germany.

Das bin ich anno 2004 (glaube ich). Als ich diesen Beitrag in VictorianKittys Blog las, verspürte ich plötzlich den Drang, dieses Foto zu zeigen und noch einen weiteren Blick in die Vergangenheit zu zeigen.😉 Das Bild stammt vom M’era Luna in Hildesheim.

I have to include this pic just for the fun of it.🙂 It’s me on a trip to Norway in 2009. Hope I didn’t scare you too much?

Dieses Foto muss ich einfach hinzufügen.🙂 Das bin ich 2009 auf dem Weg nach Norwegen. Hoffe, ich habe euch nicht zu sehr erschreckt?