What is this blog about?

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. It was the night from Sunday to Monday and I lay awake for hours. I started thinking about my blogs – and this one in particular.


What I wanted this blog to be about

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be about the things I love and stuff important to me, namely

– books
– scifi and fantasy stuff
– gothic / alternative fashion and lifestyle
– corporate life
– rpgs


What this blog is / used to be about

When actually writing posts for this blog, I soon found myself blogging mostly about fashion and lifestyle. Most articles fall under one or more of the following categories:

– gothic
– steampunk
– alternative
– fashion
– corpgoth
– depression


What I want this blog to be about from now on

This blog lay dormant for way too long. I would love to revive it once again. This time, I want the posts to be more ecclectic, to be about all or most of my interests.
I do not feel like blogging too much about fashion right now, so for starters I will probably write about books and gaming. I will take it one step at a time from now on.


What would you like to read about?

Additionally, I would love to hear from you. Yes, you!
What would you like to read about? Which topics could help me getting back to blogging regularly? Is there anything you would like to know about me or the reasons I was absent for so long?

A Quest For Health & Fitness



I’ve been an awful blogger, I know.😦 I’ve spent so much time here that I didn’t have any energy left to keep posting here at Still Dark as well. I’m sorry.

But I haven’t abandoned your blogs, I’ve been a faithful reader (thanks to the gReader app), honestly!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Cool Stuff & Cute Stuff

I haven’t had much time during the last days as my new job has kept me very busy (and I loved every second of it!) but I tried to read all your lovely blog posts on my phone. Today, I thought I’d share some posts I like a lot – in random order. Have fun!🙂

There were more great articles, of course, but unfortunately I didn’t tag all of them.😦

BatFit Update:

I took the first lessons in preparation of being a trainer in a woman’s fitness and health club. I had to do several presentations about health, fitness, biology and nutrition, and I had to teach a class under the instructor’s guidance. It was so much fun! There are more lessons to take and tests to pass but I’m really happy to be doing this. Also, I’m really glad that I’ve been into fitness and sports for years and that I took serious biology classes a looong time ago – that makes the whole thing so much easier to handle.

Follow Me?

Since this is a free WP blog, I am not able to use widgets which work with Java script (like Google Friend Connect). Ambassador Crochet pointed me to an interesting new service, though: Linky Followers (find the widget in the right column of my blog and follow me🙂 ). They offer different widgets, too – for those who are allowed to use Java Script and for those who aren’t. Tell me what you think about this.


I’m trying to read all of the 846 articles which have gathered in my feed reader. Wow! You guys wrote a lot during my one-week-absence! I will read every single article. I always do – even if I don’t comment each one.

One of the first articles I read today was about Gothic & Cowboy style / “Gothtern” by —DeeSpookyOne—. Unfortunately, her blog seems to have gone by now. Does anybody know what happened to it? I am really interested in that Gothic & Cowboy style and would have loved to comment.

If any of you know about great sites and articles on this kind of style, please leave a comment. Thank you.🙂