Crochet Along: Poncho


I have decided to join Sucrette’s CAL (Crochet Along). It’s about crocheting this poncho in any color you like. I’m usually not a poncho-wearer but I thought I might give it a try. I got purple and black yarn for this project and will hopefully be able to finish this at all. Fortunately, there’s no deadline for this CAL so I can start/finish the poncho whenever I like. Is anybody else joining the Cal?

Work In Progress: Craft Room & Other Project Plans

Finally, I started re-arranging my craft room / office! I’m so happy I finally got going. I moved furniture, boxes of yarn, thousands of books, and other stuff (which I didn’t even know was there). I think having a clutter-free environment will also help declutter the soul. And I DO need to declutter my mind! There are way too many unpleasant thoughts in my head.

So, the first step is done: My office is almost free of the worst clutter and appears to be more spacious. The next step will be to get back to crocheting because that’s one of the activities which calms me down and means a pleasant time to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t crochet much during the last weeks and months. When I have depressive episodes, I’m not able to do much – if anything at all. Thanks to sertraline I feel much better. Not perfect, not healed, but I don’t hate myself anymore.

Back to crocheting: I love reading Stacey’s blog “Fresh Stitching”. Stacey announced Knit & Crochet Design Week recently and I’m playing with the thought of taking part in it. Well, I have never really designed anything (except for my stuffed animal Paul’s knitted sweater) but I would love to crochet a simple garment for myself. I really, really hope I’ll be able to pull through with this!

Finally, here’s a question – or several questions – for you:

  • Do any of you enjoy reading ebooks?
  • Do you have an eReder? Which one?
  • Would you be interested in me reviewing ebooks I’ve read in my blog?
  • Which genres are your favorites?

Thanks for answering.🙂

DIY: turning a rectangle into a shrug

Good morning! It’s really, really cold in Germany today. I’ve been outside for a short while only (taking Flo for a walk) and it was freezing.

In addition to my current “depressive episode” (sounds nicer, doesn’t it?^^), I’ve been down with the stomach flu since Saturday morning. I’m better today and so I thought I’d share a cool link: How To Turn A Rectangle Into A Shrug (via Lion Brand Notebook).

This post addresses knitters and crocheters but I’m pretty sure this can be done by using any fabric, too. One of my friends suggested using fleece for the cold days which seem to lie ahead of us here. Not for me, though – I’ll be leaving for Florida in two weeks, woohoo!😉

Monthly Theme Post: Armwarmers

It’s time for the Monthly Theme Post brought to you by VictorianKitty. Thank you for this great theme! It made me get real busy yesterday.

I have several pairs of gloves and armwarmers but since I got home real late today I didn’t take pictures of all of them. Instead, here’s a simple tutorial on crocheting your own superfast and supereasy armwarmers:

Using a size 6 / J crochet hook and bulky yarn (e.g. “Royal Tweed” by Lana Grossa), chain 30 (+ 2 for turning chain).

1st – 15th row: 30 x DC (= double crochet) each row.

Crochet one row more or less, depending on width needed.

Fold the resulting rectangle in half. Decide where you want the hole for your thumb to be. Create a tube by sewing/crocheting ends together. Leave hole for thumb open. Voilá! Done.🙂

Weave in ribbon & tie bow if wanted. I tried this with a purple piece of ribbon and it looked very pretty but unfortunately it started fraying at the ends real bad so I removed it.

These armwarmers are a very quick and easy project and suitable for beginners.

There’re probably patterns/tutorials for armwarmers like these out there but I didn’t have one (because of cold hands, I crocheted these quite spontaneously in front of the TV yesterday night) so here’s what I did only. Please share if you find a similar pattern so I can add a link to proper instructions.

I’ve crocheted similar armwarmers last year, usind SC (= single crochet) stitches only – using this pattern by Attic24:

I love these because they keep my hands warm while typing.😉

Did you all have a great Halloween yesterday?

*     *     *

A big THANK YOU to Sabayon for awarding me! This is my very first award and it made my day. I will pass it on soon.🙂

What’s New & What’s Next?

The past weeks have been very busy. Many expected and unexpected things happened. I received good news and very bad news. Today, I thought I’d sum up what I’ve been up to these past weeks and months and let you know what’s on my mind.

In May, we found an apartment we wanted to buy. We succeeded eventually but it took us months of negotiating and renovating before we finally moved in last week. So here we are: in our new home! I’ve still not gotten around to put all my things away so there won’t be any photos for now. There’s still too much chaos in some rooms (well, in my office mostly).

We’re connected to the internet, too, so hopefully I’ll be able to resume blogging on a regular basis soon.

At first, we were very worried about how the dog would overcome the relocation. The last time we moved it took her days to accommodate to the new place. This time I started crocheting her a blanket while we still lived in the old apartment. I thought that maybe if she found something in the new home with my smell in it to lie on  she would be more at ease. I have absolutely no idea if it worked that way, though.😉

I finished the blanket just in time and fortunately it was a success. Whether it was because of my “love and smell” or just “because it was there” I don’t know.^^

Overall, the dog likes the new place much better than the last one. I just regret that I had to leave the old cemetery behind. I haven’t found a place of such beauty in the new town yet.

And what’s next? Well, I’ll do a book review very soon – and a giveaway!🙂 What will the latter be about? Well, fashion and Halloween, of course!

*     *     *

Only a couple of days before we moved, I received very sad news. One of my co-workers comitted suicide on September, 21st. We are shocked. He was such a nice and fun person, a friend to all of us, and nobody suspected there could have been anything wrong. Farewell, D.G., we miss you.

I’ve tried to make sense of his death but I can’t. Nobody does. I still hear him laugh sometimes.

Monthly Theme Post: Lace

It’s October, 1st – and it’s time for the Monthly Theme Post (hosted by VictorianKitty).

Today’s theme is lace. Which means I’m in trouble – because I rarely wear lace. Right in this moment I’m not even sure I own any lacy item. So I browsed the internet instead and found some great lace patterns for the knitters and crocheters among us. All of them are offered for free! How cool is that? Just grab a ball of your favorite black or gray or purple yarn and visit these great sites:



I will add more if I find more.😉

You might probably want to pick different colors for most of these projects. Although I think one can not only add a gothic feel by changing the colors (black, purple, gray, dark red, perhaps pink, too) but maybe even create an item perfect for your Steampunk outfit (brown, copper, darker reds, dark blue and gray/silver).

Articles you might also be interested in:

P.S.: I was wrong! I DO own something with at least a little lace:

Projects And Outfits – Some Dark, Some Colorful

A tired dog.

Tiny pink tongue sticking out.

Cute, cute nose.

Guarding the electric cable leading to the laptop.

And a busy Saturday in pictures:

One of my current WIPs (Works In Progress) – A blanket for the dog. Some people consider me being a little old-fashioned because I enjoy crocheting. Well, I think it has actually turned into a modern craft once again.

Wearing this dress for the first time and loving it! It was on sale and I fell in love with the print.

I didn’t have the time and patience for a proper picture. We were heading to a great Spanish restaurant and I was somewhat late… Spending to much time in front of the mirror, I guess.😉

Old church – right opposite of the restaurant. It looked impressive against the evening sky.

My car. Waiting for us to finish supper.😉

It was getting colder at night so I changed before heading to the late-night flea market. I had hoped to find some interesting books but it was so crowded I never got the chance to even get a closer look. But I was lucky still and found something FANTASTIC:

A Dirndl!🙂 It’s used but I don’t mind. It’s perfect!!! Although I’m from Northern Germany and not from Bavaria I still love Dirndl dresses. I often thought about buying one but the real Dirndl is usually quite expensive so I didn’t. But the nice lady selling this one made me an offer I couldn’t resist: 15 Euros. Wow! Thank you so much!

What did you do on Saturday? Any great finds?

How do you define “Steampunk Cowl”?

The stats tell me that someone found this blog when looking for a “crochet steampunk cowl” on the web. How intriguing! I would love to know what the person looking for a “Steampunk Cowl” had in mind. Because I want one, too!🙂

So, let’s hear your ideas. How would a “Steampunk Cowl” be like?

Here’s what the web offers:

Are there more interesting links and tutorials you might know about? Please share them, will you?🙂

Laut meiner Statistiken landete jemand durch die Suchbegriffe “steampunk cowl häkeln” hier im Blog. Spannend! Ich würde gern wissen, was sich diese Person vorgestellt hat, als sie nach einem “Steampunk Cowl” suchte. Denn ich will auch einen!🙂

Lasst mich eure Gedanken dazu hören. Wie würde ein “Steampunk Cowl” aussehen?

Im Web findet man u.a. dies:

Sind euch vielleicht noch andere interessante Links oder Tutorials bekannt? Bitte lasst mich davon wissen!🙂

Knitting Gothic Style

Good evening! How are you tonight?

Do you enjoy knitting or crocheting? What about creating your own dark accessories? I stumbled across some great patterns on the internet and wanted to share my finds with you:

Unfortunately there’s not one single thing I’ve knitted which could be called “dark” or “gothic” but I’d like to crochet a black lacey shrug some day… Feel free to link to your “Goth Knits” in the comments. I’ll add your links to this article so you’ll get some more admirers, too.😉

Strickt oder häkelt ihr? Erstellt ihr manchmal eure eigenen dunklen Accesoires? Beim Surfen bin ich auf die oben aufgeführten Anleitungen gestoßen. Was haltet ihr davon?

Leider habe ich noch kein einziges Teil gestrickt, das ich als “dunkel” oder “gothic” bezeichnen würde, aber eines Tages versuche ich mich vielleicht mal an einem gehäkelten schwazen Spitzen-Bolero… Gern könnt ihr einen Link zu euren Goth-Strickprojekten in den Kommentaren hinterlassen. Ich werde den Link dann zu diesem Artikel hinzufügen und euch ein paar Bewunderer vorbeischicken.😉