Work In Progress: Craft Room & Other Project Plans

Finally, I started re-arranging my craft room / office! I’m so happy I finally got going. I moved furniture, boxes of yarn, thousands of books, and other stuff (which I didn’t even know was there). I think having a clutter-free environment will also help declutter the soul. And I DO need to declutter my mind! There are way too many unpleasant thoughts in my head.

So, the first step is done: My office is almost free of the worst clutter and appears to be more spacious. The next step will be to get back to crocheting because that’s one of the activities which calms me down and means a pleasant time to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t crochet much during the last weeks and months. When I have depressive episodes, I’m not able to do much – if anything at all. Thanks to sertraline I feel much better. Not perfect, not healed, but I don’t hate myself anymore.

Back to crocheting: I love reading Stacey’s blog “Fresh Stitching”. Stacey announced Knit & Crochet Design Week recently and I’m playing with the thought of taking part in it. Well, I have never really designed anything (except for my stuffed animal Paul’s knitted sweater) but I would love to crochet a simple garment for myself. I really, really hope I’ll be able to pull through with this!

Finally, here’s a question – or several questions – for you:

  • Do any of you enjoy reading ebooks?
  • Do you have an eReder? Which one?
  • Would you be interested in me reviewing ebooks I’ve read in my blog?
  • Which genres are your favorites?

Thanks for answering.🙂