Tea Party


We made it! We moved! This last weekend we finally moved in our new home. I’m so glad it’s done now. There’s still a lot to be done but we’re almost finished. And guess what…?

It’s Movie Monday once more!🙂

Want to be part of this? There’s still time! I’ll include every link in the roundup which appears in the comments of this post today, tomorrow, and even on Wednesday!

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Have a look at these fantastic Movie Monday posts:

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Hurry up! Don’t be late!

Too late! Too late! Hurry! Because we will spend this Movie Monday in Wonderland – and you’re invited for tea!

I watched Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” when I was a child – a long time before I read the book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Caroll. I was always fascinated with the characters, especially the Cheshire Cat. So for this Movie Monday I gathered some photos which remind me mostly of the Disney movie (but of others as well):

Doesn’t it all start with the White Rabbit and his pocket watch? Although I bought the watch you can see in the pictures for steampunky reasons I still find this outfit reminding me of the White Rabbit.

A short while ago, VictorianKitty’s monthly theme post was about hats and I’m shamelessly borrowing the Mad Hatter photo of myself from the post I did back then.

Here’s an old, old photograph of myself – portrying Disney’s Mad Hatter, of course. That was a looong time before the age of digital photography. The picture was taken in Disneyland, CA., in spring 1999.

What would Alice In Wonderland be without the famous Cheshire Cat? Don’t you love this character, too?

I thought about adding a list of other “Alice in Wonderland” movies but didn’t want to go over the top. So here’s only one link I’d like to share (besides those you find in the text above):

Have a great Movie Monday! And thanks to everyboday who’s taking part in this.🙂

P.S.: When I re-read this post I realized my English is pretty crappy today. I’m sorry. I’ll pay more attention to grammer and style next time. I’m just sooo tired (if this counts as an excuse…?).